Popular Personal Safety Applications by Jerry Wilke

I thought it might be nice to bring you some information on some of the more popular applications in the market place today for smartphones. There are many applications today, we are all aware of this, but I wanted to focus on some back to school, location and/or personal safety application in this letter. Having knowledge about the application market will help us all make personal tailored recommendations to our customers. Here is a list of some of the applications in the personal safety theme:
Life 360
Life360 enables families to see where their loved ones are located, when they need help and what the threats might be around them. It creates a private family “channel” that allows real-time “Check Ins” with the tap of a button from any family member. It’s a free download in the Android store.
What it does:
– GPS tracking
– Check in feature for children to check in where they’re at for parent-monitoring purposes.
– Save time—it’s a communications plan that allows you to send pre-determined text like “I’ll be there in 5min.”
– Populates public safety services nearest you: hospitals, police stations, fire departments
– It also lets you know where register sex offenders
Cell Control—Save a Life Campaign
What it does:
– Cell Control designed to put the parent in control of what family drivers, particularly teens, do or don’t do while driving.
– Cell Control in a vehicle, specified phones are disabled when the car is in motion, eliminating phone distractions for drivers.
o Allows you call approved adult numbers and 911
Element Mobile stores will be offering this device for customers for small additional price per month. EM was the first rural carrier to offer this program
911 Plus—(Android Application from our 911 partner Intrado) Coming soon to Element Mobile.
Text to 911 in times of emergency if you cannot talk on the phone.
What it does:
– Supports Calls back to mobile number. The text sends your mobile number to the dispatcher.
– Location works the application where you are even though you’re testing the dispatch.
– Provides email notification to person(s) that you choose to notify you used the application and contacted 911 using the application.
– Nurse hotline 7/24 one touch call to a registered nurse.
– CDC and Poison control phone numbers are also in the application as a speed dial.
Element Mobile customers with capable devices will receive up the the minute messages indicated as Emergency Alerts on their device. These alerts will include AMBER (America’s Missing Broadcasting Emergency Response), severe weather, and Presidential alerts. A ninety-character message alert will be sent to CMAS compatible devices. Customers will be able to disable all of the messages with the exception of Presidential alerts to their devices.
What it does:
– Offers our customers to receive emergency alerts in their area—weather, AMBER, and presidential.
Here is a list of some the top 10 personal safety type applications in the app store(s) today:
1. Text to 911 (See above on 911 Plus)
2. Personal Information Apps- Medical and other information for first responders.
3. Safety Concierge Services- Weather, traffic and other related type alerts
4. Notification or SOS Button Apps- Campus or Enterprise wide alerts (large group messaging)
5. Location Services- (Similar to Life 360 above)
6. “Walk with me” type Apps- Listen mode listens for key or safe words if you get into trouble
7. Crime Awareness Apps- What kind of crime is going on in your area in close to real time
8. Closest (AED) Automated External defibrillator to you location.
9. Community based policing or neighborhood/crime watch apps
10. Personal collision detection- detects a fall or crash with the phone on you. (Car, Bicycle, or fall in the house). Will notify friend or relative you have been in a crash with your location.
I have an idea for all of us, why don’t you try to become an Application Expect (AE) in a certain application theme? Now there are thousands of applications for use in iOS, Android and Blackberry, so why did I pick personal safety? How better to show people your concern for them with some recommendations in this area or other your passionate about or something you find your customer or friends passionate about. Now good ahead and recommend a great application.